1. 适当用被动替换主动,这样能更客观地反映事实。句子开头不要总是用we / I (比如写结尾时不用we should pay attention to而用Attention should be paid to. ) 举个经典结尾的例子:It is ,therefore, high time that some applicable approaches were implemented by the service industry like that. By doing so,its competitive edge will be sharpened effectively.

2. 善于使用插入语,比如说把副词、连接词等,作为插入语放在中间,一般放在主语、动词或者助动词后,两边分别加上逗号。 如however / therefore /for example/I believe 做插入语放在中间,一般放在动词、助动词后,两边分别加上逗号。举例如下: Other individuals, however, take the attitude that …

3. 一定要学会换词,换形象,具体的替换太宽泛的。www.taozuigc.com_【官方首页】-星力捕鱼游戏(考试中一般不要出现good, bad , many, thing, think, people, opinion 等等)比如第一条的例子中,applicable替换proper; approaches替换ways; implement替换carry out; sharpen one’s competitive edge替换enhance one’s competitiveness(提高某物竞争力)。


I never forget the exceedingly thrilling day when my mother bought me a computer as birthday present, which exerted a tremendous fascination on me so that I indulged myself in googling an army of useful information i had expected ,and enjoy a sea of melodious classic music. That night I was sleepless, feeling that the whole world belonged to me.

exceedingly 替换 very;(个人认为替换成overwhelmingly更出彩)

thrilling 替换 exciting;

sth. exerts a tremendous fascination on sb 替换 sb. be interested in sth;

google 替换 search;

an army of 替换 a lot of。

The dawn of the new century witnessed the increasing popularity of computers. Coincident with the advancement of science and technology, computers pouring into the current society as a fashion are appealing to growing individuals. It is no exaggeration to say we have been submerged by them, in large measure!

The dawn of the new century witnessed 是一个精彩句型,用来描述在某个时期发生了什么事情;

Increasing popularity 替换 more and more popular;

Coincident with … 非常地道的句型,表达“与…一致”的意思,替换 With …;

Advancement 替换 development;

Pour into ( flood into / swarm into )替换 enter into;

Current ( currently )替换 now;

Appeal to sb. 替换 sb. be interested in sth.;

Growing individuals 替换 more and more people;

It is no exaggeration to say 经典句型, 说某事是毫不夸张的。 (it goes without exaggeration that更好)

For a start, we can, freely, search desired information at any moment . Little by little, our knowledge will be well enriched, and our horizons will be greatly broadened. Additionally, we can get huge recreations online by chatting, playing games, or delivering email.

For a start 替换 To begin with;

We can, freely, search 用了插入语的写作手法;

our knowledge will be well enriched, and our horizons will be greatly broadened. 用了非常精彩的被动;

Additionally 替换 In addition / Besides;

Deliver 替换 send。

There is no denying that , however, computers can function in the disservice of human beings, in a way, especially the growing violence ,***, porn pictures, AV-films emerging on the screen , which leads quiet a few net citizens to copying.

There is no denying that , however, computers can function in the disservice of human beings, 这个句子有三个精彩之处,首先There is no denying that这个句型;其次however作为插入语;再次,function in the disservice of 替换 do harm to。

Emerging 替换 appearing ( fading 替换 disappearing );

Net citizen 网民,属于精彩用词。(直接用 netizen更好)

As a classic proverb goes that no garden has no weeds. Computers do play a positive role in the development of people' lives, despite a slice of unfavorable impacts. We should ,therefore, take advantage of the fruits and avoid the opposite facet.

No garden has no weeds 替换 Every coin has two sides;

Computers do play ,使用do 表示强调;

Positive 替换 important / good 等;

A slice of 替换 a part of;

Unfavorable 替换 bad;

Impacts 替换 effects / influences;

We should, therefore, take advantage of … 使用插入语;

Fruits (而且fruits 用的非常形象, merits/ virtues) 替换 advantage ( defects 替换 disadvantage ) ;

Facet 替换 aspect。